Nicholas Wood

Hi there!

My names Nick and im a hybrid web designer & developer from Ontario, Canada. I've a passion for simplistic, yet functional desgin, gaming and game development, the world of board games and Dungeons and Dragons.




Proxium really has been a labour of love and the microsite I developed specifically for it, no less. I really wanted something simple yet ...epic. I wanted to convey the sheer scale of not only space, but the depth and scale of the board game too. This lead me to the site you see today; deep and epic, yet simple and to the point.

The site leads you from point to point via a smooth scrolling link at the bottom of each section. No need to scroll manually, just point, click and you're taken to the next section of the page. This site takes you through an introduction to the board game, the story and history in which the game play takes place and a gallery of art work.

Have a look at the site. It's a work in progress, but like I said, its a labour of love.

Praxus Micro Site


Anything and Everything

The Site

Well, I finally started it. It's by no means finished but it's not far off what I dreamed up. I'm not sure if I'll stick with it yet, or even if I'll turn it in to a Wordpress theme or something. Not bad though considering I've had this domain nearly 10 years and only ever used it for email. :)